Blood Test // Milk & Honey & Blood

by The Shabbab

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After serving their countries from Tel Aviv and Beirut, The Shabbab met over a pita zaatar one evening in 2011. Shuki, a starving chef from Israel, was attracted to the familiar smells of home from Said's Lebanese bakery. Since then they vowed to make music together.

Unlike the never-ending conflict of their motherlands, they came to realise they're two fish of the same bowl. As months went by they spent endless hours cooking, eating, drinking, talking and drinking some more. Often they found themselves armed with instruments around a bon fire at random house parties in Brunswick. From these moments songs sprouted.

Lyrically strong, their music challenges the same old propaganda.
"The blood test says we can't be friends. We belong to different sides of the fence."
The Shabbab hope to drown these ideals that say we can't live together because of where we were born. We look the same. We eat the same. We talk the same. We swear the same. Let's live together!

Over 2012, The Shabbab recorded a full length album (expected for release in 2013) in lounge-rooms and cold backyard sheds, engineered by Vito of Headrush Productions. After scoring their first shows they realised they needed a bass player, and so Vito became the third brother of The Shabbab.

Finally, after taking hours to write this fucking biography, all The Shabbab are trying to say is "we hope to see you at a show in 2013 and enjoy the upcoming releases."



released August 1, 2013

All songs written by The Shabbab. The Shabbab are Shuki Rosenboim and Said Choucair. © and (p) The Shabbab 2013. Co-produced by The Shabbab, Aden Senycia and Vito Lucarelli. Mixed by Aden Senycia. Engineered by Vito Lucarelli. Mastered by Aden Senycia.



all rights reserved


The Shabbab Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne/Middle-East-Brunswick’s very own garage band, The Shabbab, bring their eclectic backgrounds together creating a high energy and original performance.

Passionate, hard-hitting and informative lyrics complemented by explosive drumming and garage-punk guitar riffs with that renowned arabesque twang.
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Track Name: Blood Test
The blood test says we can be friends.
We belong to different sides of the fence.
You better fight if you don't want to betray
The one who loves you, the one who washed your brain.

The blood test says we look the same.
The left the hatred to the fools and reached a new land.
If we can love here why can't we love there.
They're running to a war, but to talk they're scared.

The blood test says that if you're sick of all that sorrow
The kids of today will be the peacemakers of tomorrow.
They'll shake their hands, leave their land
And prove to us all that the blood test failed.
Track Name: Milk & Honey & Blood
Under a cloud of an olive tree
I opened up my eyes and I loved where I've been.
Souvenirs from the sun were carried by the wind.
I decided to dig a well, I needed a drink.

I dag very deep and I threw my bucket in.
I pulled it back and it was very red indeed.
Yeah, the ground is soaked with blood from the river to the sea.
The ground is soaked with blood from the valley to the hills.

Milk & honey & blood.

The land where I'm from can't promise anything but wars.
Then flowers turn into spikes, then nothing else grows.
All the kids get to be soldiers, not all the soldiers get to be adults.
The land where I'm from can't promise anything but wars.

Milk & honey & blood.

Are you the chosen one, the chose one to fight?
Do you even know what God is all about?
You say you got that spark, but you're still in the dark.
Are you the chosen one, the chosen one to fight?

Milk & honey & blood.